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Lifeblood Issue Archive

Lifeblood::Issue 001::Cover by wagontamer

Issue 001: Savage Paradise (I Of III)

Issue Summary:

After opening with flashbacks of Pulse's life as he grew up, Pulse washes up on the shore of Savage Paradise Island, where the goddess Arielle removes his memories to spare him the pain of them.

Lifeblood::Issue 002::Cover by wagontamer

Issue 002: Savage Paradise (II Of III)

Issue Summary:

Liz, a castaway on Savage Paradise Island like Pulse, becomes friends with him after he is forced to save her life, unlocking the beginnings of his new powers in the process.

Lifeblood::Issue 003::Cover by wagontamer

Issue 003: Savage Paradise (III Of III)

Issue Summary:

Liz and Pulse begin to form a kinship, only to have it shattered when they attack each other inadvertently and unlock two of Pulse's alternate forms: Yorel and Leroy.

Lifeblood::Issue 004::Cover by wagontamer

Issue 004: Interlude

Issue Summary:

Two years have passed. While in Kingdom Ashes plans are afoot that involve Pulse, on Savage Paradise the conflict escalates to lethal states between Liz and Pulse, and Pulse begins to come to grips with his tripolar mind.

Lifeblood::Issue 005::Cover by wagontamer

Issue 005: Vinyl Starlet (I of III)

Issue Summary:

Two years previous. Serena, a lonely bookworm, begins to discover her deific powers of song with the help of Tai Sari, a renowned DJ.

Lifeblood::Bonus 001::Title by wagontamer

The Quest For The T-Shirt

Issue Summary:

A satirical Civil War mini-comic, starring Pulse and his Editor, with cameos by Riot, Zac, Cheeko and Darwin.
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Victerminator Featured By Owner May 27, 2007   Writer
Oh my. That's a truly incredible comic you've got there. You know what the most amazing thing is though? Regular updates ;)
Xael-Amari Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007
Good thinking, when you have as many things as you have and a long as you do, a little organization for the lazy searcher makes them appreciate it a lot.
Draco10901 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2007  Student Artist
Thank you ^^ as a fan I find this extremely helpfull!
animeswat Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2007
nice, easier to find the comics. :)
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